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SD Force Impulse

About the Gundam:
This was a speed build for a friend as a souvenir, simple mods and repaint,
custom base and case.

Build Diary



Didn't have time to take proper showcase photos but still shot some decent ones


Mods Involved:

  • Head and Eyes mod: made it shaper looking and added clear parts
  • LED mods in head
  • Waist and Legs Extension
  • Leg Connector mod
  • Base with connector, switch and usb port
  • Repaint


Colours Used

Self Mix: Deep Yellow (chest, v-fin)
Self Mix: Icicle White (armor parts)
Gundam Color: Phantom Gray 
(hands, joints, force silhouette)

Gundam Color: MS Light Blue (armor parts)
Self Mix: Bright Red
(feet, waist, force silhouette, face, V-fin)
Gaianotes: Fluorescent Green (eyes)
Gaianotes: Fluorescent Blue (sensor)



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