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MG Exia Blue Trans-Am

About the gundam:

This is a gundam amongst the first that i built to feature LEDs and scribed panel lines. It features full light up at clear orbs and the head, and it competed in the open category during SMASH 2011 Gunpla Competition. Although did not get placed, but it was an rewarding experience building it because lots of knowledge were gained from customising.

I've used Fluorescent powder mixed with clear enamel for the panel lines. What I had in mind was the Trans-Am effect, but in light blue.


Mods involved:

  • Trans-Am panel lines with enamel wash
  • Foot extension
  • LEDs
  • Add-on metal screws
  • Green Lens on GN Sword Shield

         Colours used  

Blue on armor:
Gaianotes Cobalt Blue + Mr.Color Purple + Gaianotes Pure White + Mr.Color Fluorescent Pink

Gaianotes Scarlet

Inner frame(exoskeleton),GN Blades, GN Sword, Back of GN Shield:
Gaianotes Pure Black > Gaianotes Gunmetal

White on armor:
Gaianotes Pure White

Green on Lenses:
Gaianotes Fluorescent Green

Gaianotes Fluorescent Blue

Trans-Am lines:
Fluorescent blue pigment(powder) >Tamiya Enamel Clear on a base of Tamiya Enamel White


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