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Converting Halogen Cabinet Lights into LED Tutorial

This is a Misc. tutorial, It will teach you how to convert Halogen Cabinet Lights into LED ones.


You may ask why!?

Here's the answer= It uses less power, produces less heat and doesn't burn out often.


Things to note:

Have LED bulbs' wattage not exceed the maximum wattage on the LED Driver/Transformer when added up together!

Shopping for LED bulbs:

Note the lumens:

This is the brightness, I suggest buying above 150 lumens

Note the wattage:

Buy bulbs at least 5w, too low is not bright enough

Note the Colour Temperature:

This is very important, don't get tricked into buying what is "warm white" but get nothing like "warm white", get ones thats 2500K- 2800K anything 3000K and beyond is Neutral White, it looks very pale and ugly.


You have a 20w LED Driver/Transformer, you are connecting 3 lights consisting of 3 LED bulbs, each bulb is 5w, that will add up to 15w altogether; meaning it won't exceed the 20w limit on the LED Driver/Transformer.


Enjoy the tutorial :)



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