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This is a guide about the tools often used when building/modifying/painting gundams

If you have questions, you are welcome to ask them in the comments section~





These are the tools that makes Gundam kits come to LIFE!

^ Side Cutters/Nippers ^

Used to cut parts from the plastic runners when building, also used to cut nubs.


^ Sandpaper/Finishing Abrasives ^

Used to sand off visible nub marks.


^ Needle Files ^

Used to sand off visible nub marks like sandpaper but provides more solid, stable and faster sanding.


^ Design Knife ^

Used to shave off flashes, cut nip marks, make a corner flat and more. It's a versatile tool.


^ Tweezers ^
(top- Angled Tweezers, btm-Precision Tweezers) 

Used to handle small parts, decals, stickers as well as applying them.


^ Pin Vise ( Hand Drill ) ^

Used to drill holes according to the drill bit's size or drill holes for easier shape cutting.


^ Part Separator ^

Used to separate already snap-fitted parts.


^ Serrated Scissors ^

Used to cut pla-plates or any other thick material that normal scissors can't handle.


^ Gundam Markers ^
Big- chisel tipped black for part around the eyes, Small- 0.5 fine point for panel lines

Used to paint parts or panel line marking.


^ Toothbrush ^

Used to brush off dust on your parts/kits.


^ Decal Applicator / Panel line dust cleaner / Part Separator ^

Used to smooth and balance out the surface of decals/stickers.
Used to clean dust of panel lines.
Used to separate parts.


^ Electronic Polisher ( electronic sander ) ^

Used to sand flat surfaces quickly. Saves alot of hard work on sanding


^ Replacement Sandpaper for Electronic Polishers ^

Replacement for worn out sandpapers on the electronic polishers.


^ Mini Hack Saw ^

Used to saw parts, pla plates or acrylic sheets that mini razor saws are capable off.


^ Chisel Bladed Knife ^

Used to shave off stubborn nip marks that can't be nipped anymore but still able to be felt.
Used to shave off the excess on edges left by files when sanding.


^ Screwdriver ^

Used to secure metal screws that's provided in some kits.


^ Eraser/Rubber ^

Used to clean out pencil markings often drawn for planning.


^ Mechanical Pencil ^

Used to plan out your project as guide lines.
Note: I often use 2B lead in order to make the lines more visible.


^ Mini Razor Saw ^

Used to saw and separate parts.


^ Brush-on Super Glue^

Used to join parts together, often used on metal parts to plastic.



^ Liquid Cement ^

Used to join plastic parts when scratch-building or repairing.

:: melts the applied part of the plastic, enabling reattachment of the part, forming it as one.


^ Polishing Compound (Coarse/Fine/Finish) ^

Used to remove scratches on normal parts and restore transparency to clear parts.


^ Tool Roll ^

Used to store and hold tools in a portable form.





These are the tools often used when painting gundam kits, enables definition of "yourself" in your kits to others~

^ Paint Brushes ^

Used for dry brushing and texture effects.


^ Double Action Airbrush ^

Ultimate tool for painting your kits.


^ Air hose ^

Used to connect your airbrushes to your air compressor.


^ Airbrush Manifold ^

Allows multiple airbrushes connections and allows use of it to one compressor.
Comes in 3, 4 , 5, 6, 8, 12 way and more sizes


^ Dust / Water Filter (Hand Grip Filter) ^

Used to prevent dust and water spraying out after excessive spraying.
Connect this in between the airbrush and air hose.

Will achieve smooth spraying when its attached.


^ Droppers / Pipettes ^

Used to extract paint from bottle to airbrush without making a mess.
Also good for precise measurements when paint mixing.


^ Painting Stand ^

Used to hold painting clips allowing parts to be dried.


^ Alligator Clips/Painting Clips ^

Used to hold and secure parts for painting with airbrush.


^ Cotton Swabs ^

Used to clean off the excess from smudges, panel line washing.


^ Finish Master ^
Brand: Gaianotes

Same function as cotton swabs but more precise and cleanable.


^ Disposable Mask ^

Used to save your life (lungs) from inhaling all the toxic stuff.


^ Masking Tape ^

Used to mask areas that you don't want paint going on.
:: Masking tape comes in various sizes.


^ Paint Dishes ^
Brand: Man Nen

Used for dry brushing and panel line washing.


^ Paint Stirrer ^

Used for mixing paint.


Compressor Goes here


^ Air Tank ^

Connect this with Air Compressor to reduce water from spraying out after excessive use.


Spray Booth goes here


^ Lacquer Thinner ^

Used to thin and dilute paint which allows for paint to be airbrushed.


^ Paint Retarder ^

Used with thinner into paint to allow smooth airbrushing and prevent "spider webs" spraying problem.


^ Zippo Oil / Fluid^

Used for panel line washing, it's the essence which allows enamel to flow throughout the indented lines.


^ Masking Coat/Liquid ^

It's masking tape in liquid form, allows masking in hard-to-mask areas that masking tapes struggle through.


^ Surfacer / Primer ^

Used to prime parts, priming parts before painting allows paint
to stick on easier and smooths out the 'ground work' of your kits.



^ Spare Bottle ^

Used for mixing your custom colours and storing them in.


^ Fluorescent Pigment / Powder ^

Used for Trans-Am lines, use with Enamel: Clear for panel line wash.


^ Mr. Color: Lacquer  10ml ^

Mr. Color Lacquer have a wide range of colours

Used for painting, lacquer paints stick on better and they are more solid compared to acrylics, but more toxic.

Mr. Color Lacquer can be mixed with Gaianotes Lacquer  with no problems.


^ Gaianotes: Lacquer ^

Gaianotes lacquer are smoother and provides more in quantity

Used for painting, lacquer paints stick on better and they are more solid compared to acrylics, but more toxic.

Gaianotes Lacquer can be mixed with Mr. Color Lacquer with no problems.


^ Gaianotes: Lacquer  Ex Series 50ml^

Gaianotes lacquer paint in extra large bottle :) .


^ Tamiya: Enamel ^

Tamiya Enamel is often used for panel line washing then normal painting.

Enamels smells really bad, ensure a mask is put on!!

Enamels can only be used "ON" lacquer without thinner but Lacquer "CANNOT" be used on Enamels,
because the plastic will crack.




These are the tools often used when modifying gundam kits, enables you to make your kit one in a million!








  Scribers/Line Engravers





  Add-on Parts









These are the tools used to install LEDs, wire multiple LEDs in your Gundam kits






^ 1206 SMD (Surface mount) LEDs^
Super Bright

Miniature LEDs when enables you to light up parts in tight spaces.
Comes as a strip, not pre-soldered.


^ Header / Terminal Pins ^

Used for wiring multiple circuits such as multiple LEDs, etc.
Comes in various sizes, the ones above is 2.54mm.

Can be Separated by sawing it off.


Batteries here


Resistors here


USB cables here




These are the tools used to clean up the mess, after you inject some life into your Gundams


^ Handy Cleaner ^
Brand: Wave

Used to clean up the dust and left over nipped plastic.
Is a mini vacuum.



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