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SD Justice


About the gundam:

Made for HLJ's Sci-Fi competition, however didn't get into a place. The SD Justice features added height, LED lighting, custom clear parts and custom paint scheme.



Mods involved:

  • Extended Height
  • Custom Display Base
  • LED Lighting
  • Custom Clear Parts

          Colours used  

Pink on armor:
Gaianotes Brilliant Pink


Purple on glider:
Mr. Color Purple


White on various parts:
Gaianotes Pure White


Midnight Blue on body:
Mr. Color Midnight Blue 90% + Gaianotes Pure Black 10%


Dark Grey on ankle armor:
Gaianotes Pure Black 95% + Gaianotes Pure White 5%


Grey on joints/waist/foot
Gaianotes Pure Black 20% + Gaianotes Star Bright Iron 80%


Yellow on V-Fin and glider:
Gaianotes Sunshine Yellow


Clear Blue on sensors:
Gaianotes Fluorescent Blue


Clear Green on eyes:
Gaianotes Fluorescent Green



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