About KenzBuilds

Here's my Gunpla story:

I've been building gunpla since i was 5 yrs old, but those were only out of the box builds, never really got serious building them until I saw the Japanese tutorials on YouTube.

It hit me with the awesome-ness, that started my journey as a serious gunpla builder....
Up until now, I still build gunpla, I've realised- the more i build, the more I fall in love with them and new techniques are learnt constantly and implemented in the gunpla I build...

Building gunpla gives me the sense of accomplishment that keeps me going and continue to venture in this awesome hobby...


The Philosophy behind this site:

This site was created with colours which defines "Gundam" and with one concept in mind-

"Simplistic but with Characteristics"

And one goal in mind-

"To Spread the Fine Arts of Gunpla"

Alias: Kenz
Hometown: Australia
Race: Co-ordinator ;)

Gundam Modelling, JKD, Bruce Lee, Sparring,
Card Flourishing, Web Design/Development,
Photography, Gaming on PS/PSP/PS3 platform,
Fist to face-> words not needed. Attack and Defend simultaneously

a Visionary
a Christian
a Multimedia designer
a Martial Artist
a JKD/Nunchuck Practitoner
a Tai Chi/Qi Gung Practitoner
a Bruce Lee fan
a Photographer
a Gunpla Modelling Artist
a Card Flourisher
a Shopaholic ;D
a Food Addict
a Tao Pursuer
a Suikoden Fan
a Castlevania Fan
a Megaman Fan
a Dynasty Warriors Fan
a Tekken Fan
an Otaku

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